Our objective is to understand you and to be understood. Hence, all our staff is fully bilingual and offers a technical dual expertise – French and Australian.

fiducia-pacific-remiRémi de Cambiaire

Chartered Accountant

Chartered accountant membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountant in Australia

Tel: +61 2 8069 8412 Email: remi@fidpac.com

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fiducia-pacific-emmanuelleEmmanuelle Giltinan

Auditor and accountant

Tel: +61 2 8069 8412 Email: emmanuelle@fidpac.com

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fiducia-pacific-elodieElodie Molina Prado


Tel: +61 2 8069 8412 Email: elodie@fidpac.com

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fiducia-pacific-audreyAudrey Launay


Tel: +61 2 8069 8412
Email: audrey@fidpac.com

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